40 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge

40 days (six-weeks) of immersive Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic practices to challenge, motivate & inspire you to thrive.


40 Days of Practice to come home to yourself!

This 40 day program has been designed to challenge you, to evolve your personal yoga practice (beyond just the physical), build your resilience, your immune system and help slide you gracefully into a more radiant and expanded version of yourself.

Expect a six week immersive exploration into some of the most powerful, self-nurturing and inspiring themes and techniques of the yoga tradition with loads of practical ways to apply it into your everyday life. 


Practice at your own pace

Six-week home practice immersion, with enough content to fuel your practice for many months.  

Lifetime Access

Complete access to the entire program on our new learning platform, so you can come back to it again & again.

Community Support

Private facebook group to access support from your teacher & the community. 

One time payment


What's included

  • 6 x weekly dharma talk - 15 minutes to dive into a new philosophical teaching including ways to apply to your daily life. 
  • 6 x weekly asana practices relevant to the weeks theme so you can feel it in your body. 
  • 6 x weekly pranayama practices to specifically prepare you for the meditation to follow.
  • 6 x short meditations to help you integrate the teaching 
  • Ayurvedic rituals to incorporate into your day for greater balance, nourishment and vitality.
  • Recipes... to inspire some fresh prep in the kitchen.
  • Access to our private 40 Day Yoga & Meditation facebook group

Why 40 Days?

It’s said that to create change in our lives at the deepest level and install new habitual ways of doing things we need to commit to 40 days of conscious change! This program is designed to be a completely immersive experience that supports you in creating deep level change that trickles out into all areas of your life.

Through a daily practice of energising asana, journalling and guided meditation coupled with daily healthcare rituals and a supportive community you are planting the seeds of change throughout all levels of your being.

You will feel confident in setting new routines that serve your essence nature and cultivate a sense of joyful intimacy with the present moment. This helps us to gain a sense of contentment that with practice becomes more and more accessible that is independent of our external circumstances.

All the resources that you receive as part of this program are yours to keep and will build your confidence in both yoga and meditation as well as enrich your connection to practice well beyond the duration of the program.

About your teacher

Kelly Ryan is the founder and principal teacher of Yoga Vidya Wollongong (a bricks and mortar studio 1hr south of Sydney) as well as Yoga Vidya Online. 

She has always been fascinated by the multidimensional nature of health & thriving in all areas of her life. She has been a practitioner of yoga & meditation for 15 years and a teacher for 10. She has studied, Hatha, Vinyasa, Non-dual Saiva Tantra, Ayurveda and Nutrition. 

Her mission is to blow the lid on the secret that the little sense of contentment you get after a 1hr yoga class in the studio is as good as it gets. It's not. The promise of Yoga is far greater. 

It's not flashy transformation that looks different. on the outside but it can be an ever deepening sense of homecoming that leads to ever increasing moments of quiet contentment for this moment just the way it is. 

All it takes is a commitment to practice beyond the 60 minutes in the studio... and some consistency. 

Are you Ready?

After 40 days. ofYoga & meditation we know you will:

Feel more confident in your established daily practice.

Cultivate more clarity and space around your daily challenges & commitments;

Plus form a deeper sense of connection in your relationships with Self and others.